Get Comfortable: The Best Pillows for Sitting Up in Bed

Get Comfortable: The Best Pillows for Sitting Up in Bed

Jan 29, 2024

Whether you like to start your morning by sitting up in bed and reading the paper or have a need to sit upright for medical reasons, having the right pillow makes all the difference. An unsupportive pillow while sitting can lead to poor posture, spinal misalignment, and discomfort. Read on for everything you need to know about finding the best pillow for sitting up in bed.

Why Sit Upright in Bed?

There are a few key reasons people need to sit upright in bed:

  • Reading or watching TV
  • Eating meals in bed
  • Difficulty lying down due to health conditions
  • Recovery after surgery or illness that requires an upright position

No matter what you choose to sit up in bed, with the improper pillow you’ll likely slouch, hunch over, and experience neck, back, and shoulder pain. The right support helps you maintain alignment and avoid strain.

What to Look for in Pillows for Sitting Up

The best pillows for sitting up in bed share a few common components:

  • Removable and adjustable fill - This lets you modify loft, shape, and firmness.
  • Structured back - Contours should match the curve of your spine.
  • Arm support - This prevents hunching over which strains the neck.
  • Adequate height - At least 4 to 6 inches is needed to fill the gap.

These features provide ergonomic support whether sitting against the headboard, reading, eating, or working from your laptop. And what could be better than shopping for your favorite?

Best Pillow Picks for Sitting Up

Here are some of the top choices for sitting up comfortably in bed:

  • Good Pillow Bed Lounge Fill Pillow 

With adjustable fill and memory foam, you can customize this pillow’s contour and cushion to your needs.

  • Milliard Foam Bed Wedge Pillow 

This support wedge features graduated heights so you can select an incline position.

  • Backrest Reading Pillow

The structured back, neck roll and armrests make this extra plush pillow ideal for reading or TV watching.

  • Brentwood Therapeutic Bed Pillow 

Both customizable loft and lumbar contours provide enhanced ergonomic support.

Sit Back and Relax

Aching necks, sore backs, stiff shoulders - all can result from strain while sitting up in bed without the proper pillow. Ensure you can sit comfortably by choosing one of these expert-recommended options. With the right support for your posture, you’ll breathe easier and relax better.

For the widest variety of pillows ideal for sitting up in bed, visit Good Pillow Inc. online. Their sleep specialists can match you with just the right pillow catered to how you like to sit up in bed.

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