The first of its kind neck-supporting orthopedic pillow. Specifically designed to ease neck and back pain, support the spine, and to promote blood flow.

About Us

Our Story

Dr. Ryan Lee, practicing Chiropractic Medicine for 15-years, founded Good Product Inc. when he recognized how many of his patients were coming to him for help with back, neck, and shoulder pain. He sought to develop a product that could offer an impactful change to their lifestyles–a long-term solution rather than the temporary relief he could provide them during patient visits.

For a majority of patients that claim pain in the back, neck, and shoulder areas, the primary cause is simply poor sleeping habits. Incorrect postures or insufficient support while asleep can lead to poor blood circulation and stiff muscles that cause unwanted pain and discomfort. After years of research and trials, his solution came in the form of the Good Pillow, the first product born from his clinical knowledge and the first step to ensuring a better night’s sleep and an improved state of health. Each component of the pillow from the density of its memory foam to the quality of its cooling cover was heavily researched and tested to give you one less reason to visit the doctor’s office.

It is Dr. Lee’s hope that this seemingly small change in an everyday routine can reduce the risks to a good night’s sleep and encourage a proper reset after a long day

Our Mission Statement

Good quality products that improve life quality in a real and impactful way are our top priority. We believe that it’s the simple and not-so simple things in life that benefit us in the long run, so we’re determined to bring you a little more “good” to your good health, good nights, and good sleep.

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Jessie S.

I absolutely love Good Pillow, at first it was very new to get used to since there is a part in the pillow called Good Foam that supports that neck that you do need to get used to, but after your body adjusts to it omg, it is a product you need to get. I love this Pillow!

Ji Young P.Customer

Absolutely love Good Pillow, I've been in dear need of a pillow that would support my neck and shoulders. I've tried so many pillows but haven't found any that I love until I tried Good Pillow. It's a great pillow that supports and keeps your head cool through sleep. Waking up is pleasant as well as not feeling any pressure on the head or shoulders. Totally recommend it.

Jae Sung P.

After trying out Good Pillow, it really provides the support the neck and shoulders need. Helped w/ blood circulation. Absolutely recommend!