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Good Pillow Foam Rod


The Good foam has a patented rod technology for the memory foam that is designed to keep your neck elevated at the perfect angle no matter how you choose to sleep providing you with proper blood circulation from your head to your body.

No More Neck Pain


Our pillow is a sleep revolution crafted with molded memory foam that defies the norm. It's not just about maintaining shape—it's about elevating your comfort to new heights.

Goodbye Back Discomfort


The secret lies within the supportive embrace of this cutting-edge pillow, ensuring your journey to deep sleep is nothing short of rejuvenating. Experience improved focus, sharper memory, and a revitalized outlook on life, all stemming from the transformative power of deeper sleep. 

Helps With Sleep Apnea & Snoring..


Good Foam neck support isn't just about comfort—it's your ally in reducing snoring. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this pillow's innovative support system cradles your neck, promoting optimal alignment that helps minimize snoring tendencies.

Always Cool, Heat Resistant.


Made 100% in the USA and woven from our unique blend of “Frost” cooling yarn and fabric, our covers provide a cool surface to rest your head.

Good Pillow - Orthopedic Pillow

Good Pillow - Orthopedic Pillow

5369 reviews

$165.00 $140.25 


Get a good night's sleep with the orthopedic Good Pillow! Made with 100% cotton pillowcase cover, memory foam, and a foam rod support for neck comfort, this pillow is designed by a chiropractor for optimal spine alignment and pressure reduction. The unique cooling fabric and memory foam base will help you stay cool and comfortable all night long.

Note: The Good Pillow comes fully assembled in one package, including Good Foam, Mesh Cover, and Cotton Cover in the box. For extra Cooling Cover and Cotton Cover options, they are available for separate purchase. Upgrade your sleep quality with ease.






Science Behind Good® Pillow

The Good Pillow is here to deliver relief and comfort during those long nights. With innovative, patented technology, this is a pillow that goes above and beyond to support, cool, and soothe.

Foam Rod Support

The Good Foam was designed to keep your neck elevated and level with your body no matter how you choose to sleep. It also supports the neck for the blood flow circulating from the head all the way through the body.

Molded Memory Foam

Scrim Cover

The Good® Pillow Works Perfectly 

For Side & Back Sleepers

5369 Deep Sleeping Customers 


How We Compare

Good Pillow

Other Pillows

Good Foam Technology

Spine Alignment 

Cervical Spine Support 

Cooling Technology 

Deeper Sleep

Chiropractic Design

CertiPUR-US Certified 


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Darren Mungal
it helps me a lot for my neck pain!!!

Thanks to Good pillow team! I had a neck pain for a long time. And I was advised to try this pillow for my neck pain from my dentist. He told me it works for him so that I bought it to try. My neck pain has been gone now a day after using it. I believe that everyone has tried many different pillows for neck pain like I did. I bet you keep trying other pillows until you meet the good pillow. Finally, I found the solution for my neck pain. I will buy this for my parents for chirstmas gift! Thank you again.

>> replied:

Thank you for your review. We are glad Good Pillow has is helping in your daily sleep~.

Jiyoung Son

Since I started using this pillow, my insomnia has disappeared. The best thing I bought this year

>> replied:

Thank you for your review~ We are very happy that you are enjoying Good Pillow

hyewon jang
Good morning😚🤩

Good morning ❤️
Good start with “GOOD PILLOW”
GOOD PILLOW stopped my pain every morning.
Thank you🤩😍

>> replied:

Good Morning ~ Valued Customer,
Thank you for your honest review and we appreciate that you are satisfied with Good Pillow!

Hae Sook Suh
Miracle pillow!

This pillow is a miracle pillow for me
Every pillows I have so far that are always uncomfortable, and the every ones has high and low pillows hurt my head and neck, so I woke up while sleeping, After woke up, I needed to neck exercises for a while to get back sleep. Or I use a patch on my neck to back in sleep. Since using this pillow, I never wake up at night, my head and neck don't hurt, and I get a good night's sleep with this pillow. Thank you to the person who developed it, and thank you to my son in law who gave me this precious pillow. Thank you!!!
-James's mother in law- Hae Sook Suh

>> replied:

Thank you for your honest review, we are very delighted to hear that you are satisfied with your purchase of Good Pillow and it is supporting your sleep. We really appreciate your review.

I absolutely love this pillow!

The fabric is really cool, and the soft feel of the pillow cover is so comforting. But what truly impressed me is the revolutionary neck support from Goodpillow. After using it for just a few days, I noticed that the pain in my cervical spine has completely disappeared. I can't believe the difference it has made. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone in need of excellent neck support and a restful night's sleep.

>> replied:

Hello~ thank you for your honest review, we are glad to hear that the Good Pillow is supporting your neck and helping ~