How To Use Neck Support Pillow

How To Use Neck Support Pillow

Dec 27, 2023

Have you ever woken up with a sore neck? It's not a great start to the day. That's why finding the best pillow for neck support is important. Let's find how you can use a neck support pillow to start your mornings pain-free.


What is a Neck Support Pillow?


Imagine a pillow that's not just soft but also holds your neck like a gentle hand. That's what a neck support pillow does. It keeps your neck and head in a comfy, natural position while you sleep. This helps prevent neck pain and stiffness.

Why Use a Neck Support Pillow?

Think of your neck as a bridge between your head and your body. Just like a bridge needs strong support, your neck needs proper support. A good pillow for neck pain ensures your neck doesn't bend awkwardly while you sleep.

Finding the Best Pillow for Neck Support: How To Choose?

  • Softness and Firmness: The pillow should be soft enough to be comfy but firm enough to support your neck.


  • Shape: Some pillows are contoured to fit the curve of your neck. Others are standard rectangles.


  • Material: Memory foam, latex, and feathers are common materials. Each has its feel.

How to Use Your Neck Support Pillow

  • Positioning the Pillow: The pillow should be under your head, with the thicker part under your neck.


  • Sleeping Posture: It works best if you sleep on your back or side. If you're a stomach sleeper, you might need to adjust.


  • Adjusting: Give yourself a few nights to get used to your new pillow. It might feel different at first.

Visual Guide: Positioning Your Pillow

Sleeping Position

Pillow Position


Back Sleeper  

Pillow under head & neck

Aligns spine, reduces neck strain

Side Sleeper

Pillow between shoulder and neck

Keeps neck straight, prevents awkward angles

Stomach Sleeper

Thin pillow or no pillow

Reduces neck twist and discomfort


Engaging with Your Pillow: Tips and Tricks

Did You Know:  Your sleeping position can affect your neck health!

Try This: Switch between sleeping on your back and side with your new pillow. Which feels better?

Remember: Adjusting to a new pillow can take a few nights.


Using a neck support pillow is simple but can greatly impact your sleep and neck health. You can wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free by choosing the right pillow, positioning it correctly, and giving yourself time to adjust.

Remember, a good night's sleep is just a pillow away. Why not give your neck the comfort it deserves? Check out our range of neck support pillows at Good Pillow. Your neck will thank you!

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